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Met je engelse bek..

Tja, daar sta je dan met je engelse bek.. Geen idee wat je precies probeert te verkopen, maar ja, als het geen amerikaan is ie per definitie stommer dan jij, toch ?

Op de een of ander manier ontgaat het spammers volledig wat de naam van dit blog (of z’n domain) betekend. En natuurlijk had ik ook graag een .com naam gehad, maar die was al vergeven aan een belg [1].

Door een ongeluk was die belg in een soort van robotharnas terecht gekomen waarmee ie ondanks z’n verlamming weer kon lopen, en daar op die pagina van verhaalde. Laten we wel zijn : dat is beduidend heftiger dan het gekrakeel wat ik hier neer zet, dus heb ik nooit een serieuze poging gedaan het .com domain te verkrijgen.

Tot een paar dagen terug. Een of andere Jonathan Waltz from Flex Media begint tegen me aan te wauwelen, of ik het .com domain wil hebben:

 Hello, my name is Jonathan Waltz from Flex Media.
 denbolle.com  will be available for purchase in a few days.
 Since you own denbolle.nl, I thought you might
 be interested in denbolle.com .

 Your purchase will be a one time fee only that includes
 one year of complimentary registration.
 You also have the option to forward denbolle.com  to
 denbolle.nl at no cost. After purchasing denbolle.com  you
 will never be charged again by Flex Media.

 If you do have an interest in buying denbolle.com , please visit:
 <snip spammer link>

 Once denbolle.com  is available for purchase, one of my account
 specialists will contact you.

 Thank you and have a great day.

 Flex Media Inc
 7777 Davie Road Ext, Suite 106B, Hollywood, FL 33024

 If you do not want to hear from us ever again, please let us
 know by clicking on:
 <snip spammer id link> 

 or writing to Flex Media Inc, 7777 Davie Road Ext, Suite 106B,
 Hollywood, FL 33024.
 It may take up to ten days for this to take effect.

Even nagekeken en Patrick (die crashbelg) had inderdaad het .com domain afgestaan.

Op mijn vraag terug (gniffel.. eens zien of ie echt snapt dat een vettegast.com probeer te slijten)  over kosten en mogelijkheden uiteraard geen reactie.

Wel een paar dagen later een ander bedrijf wat me voor slechts $19 aan het .com domain kan helpen… :

Hi, my name is Richard Weinstein and I represent Domain Brand Protection.

 I have reserved denbolle.com for you.
 You may be interested in denbolle.com because you own denbolle.nl
 You can place your order for denbolle.com for a one time fee of $19
 <snip spammer id link>

 Your order will include one year of complimentary registration.
 You can forward denbolle.com to denbolle.nl if you want at no cost.
 You will obtain denbolle.com IMMEDIATELY after completing the purchase
 Again, this is a ONE TIME fee to acquire the domain.
 Domain Brand Protection will never charge you again for denbolle.com
 after your purchase.

 To see transfer information for denbolle.com please visit:

 Thank you for your business

 Domain Brand Protection
 Address: 1128 Royal Palm Beach Blvd, Suite 243, Royal Palm Beach,
 Florida 33411, USA
 Phone: (561) 247-0874
 Email: store@domainbrandprotection.com
 Website: http://domainbrandprotection.com/

 To stop receiving future emails from Domain Brand Protection,
 please click:
 <snip spammer id link>

 You may also contact us via postal mail at 1128 Royal Palm Beach Blvd,
 Suite 243, Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411. It may take up to twelve days
 for your notice to take effect.

Eens terug schrijven en de dikke amerikaanse spammerts een en ander uitleggen over namen :

Onderwerp: Re: denbolle.com is reserved for you
Van: DenBolle <spammerssuckbigtimeandwebcrawlersalso@denbolle.nl>
Datum: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 19:25:15 +0200
Aan: store@domainbrandprotectors.net, sales@flexmeddomains.net
Dear Jonathan Waltz from Flex Media, and your friend in crime
Richard Weinstein representing Domain Brand Protection,
Let me first say I’m so glad that you both on your island Amerika still are aware that there is more land on earth than just good old US of A.
It makes me a happy person to see that that you came down from the castle of idiots to see if you can scam a non US citizen. It makes me proud that you have chosen me as your desired victim.
But perhaps I should explain some to you.
First : Den or Nico never asked for a reservation on the .com domain. Kind that you did reserve it, but hey, it’s just like MicroSoft shitware, it tries to think for you, but just isn’t the right stuff.

Second : With the way the $ is standing, please ask for just a real egg, apple, or anything real instead of that shitty coin you’re using.

Third : Perhaps you didn’t notice, but there are more countries where english isn’t the native language (actually there are more people speaking spanish then english) so a decent salesdude would  have tried to trick me into this scam in my native language, it shows some respect, and add’s to the credibility.

Fourth : Said that about the language, that’s probably the reason why you don’t realise at all what kind of name you’re trying to sell..

Fifth : Or better, because of the name, why it only works in either Flamish or Dutch, and why a space in the name can make all the difference.

Sixth : Using old style European names doesn’t impress me. Why ? Because Europe exported it’s shitload of criminals and complete retards to the US.  Sadly we forgotten to cut of the balls of the men we exported to that island, thus enableing offspring. Don’t worry, we learned about that.

So, nope, not intrested in doing business with you, because you’re not knowing shit outside US of A.
But hey, that’s been proven by the (re)election of the dummbest president ever:
JW Bush, Master Idiot.

Let’s hope that Obama does it better, although even being elected made him already a better president.

Of course I’m aware I’m emailing to a dipshitspammer, but then again, your info and adresses are now on my blog 😉