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God dislikes us..

Vlak voor het weekend heb ik een gesprek met een collega uit Denemarken, en realiseer ik me als atheist ineens dat we vernaggeld worden door de Grote Man en probeer dat de ander uit te leggen.

[1]Did you know God dislikes us ?
And every weekend He is showing it to us..

God created time,
and seeing the hour and minutes He said “Let there be time

So time came and started to work
Then God was thinking.. “Those humans.. they won’t pay Me enough respect later on.. let’s play a prank on them..

So He took time and divided it with His devine hands  into workingtime and weekend.
Let there be working time”  God said, “And let it be 40 hours.

Also, …. God grinned “Let there be weekend” and all people cheered loudly,
And let it be 48 hours”  God said with a big smile. The people cheered even more  loudly..

And yet..
The weekend is longer, but goes quicker than the working hours..
so God dislikes us really